Back to the roots


Your company needs support regarding the maintenance of your individual software which hasn’t been documented properly? Of course your FramoTec team finds a competent solution for this problem.

Each software is based on a source code with an individual system architecture. This code is transferred into a machine code, controlling the executable program, by the help of compilers.

In the course of reengineering our FramoTec programmers analyze the code and program of your software. The result is used as basic data in order to reveal the original structure.

The first step is called reverse engineering: With the help of decompilers the machine code is translated into the source code. This is the way how to analyze a none-efficiently documented software and document it sufficiently. This processing enables us to counter and cancel out an inadequate configuration system with our longterm experience.

You’ve bought a software whose various functions you’re not able to use effectively for lack of instructions? With the help of reengineering our FramoTec team offers you a software guide with which your employees can be instructed. In this way the software can be used efficiently.

Furthermore reengineering makes it possible to find the gaps in its security which we can easily close because of our experience.

Moreover reengineering also enables us to extend your programs. The FramoTec programmers take your personal wishes into account and integrate the new requirements into the basic concept. Last but not least it contributes to the improvement and development of your software. In the sense of forward engineering a new software, optimally adapted to your wishes and requirements, is created.

Trust our longtime experience and get into contact with us!