Using a classical programming language to find individual and efficient solutions


Our FramoTec programmers make use of the classical programming language PHP (= Hypertext Preprocessor) in order to perform internet- and intranet-projects for your company.

PHP, combined with database applications like MySQL and modern web technologies like HTML5, JavaScript and Ajax, offers a sound base for creating project-oriented programms.

In this respect it’s advantageous to be able to predict the development effort of your individual project easily. PHP is easy to handle, offers individual solutions, is well structured and is convincing for anyone demanding efficiency, speed and precision.

This script language is applicated on server side and supported by many well-known providers. That’ s the reason why it’s very suitable to perfom your web-based projects and operates independently of the browser.

It is important for us to offer clean and fast PHP-based solutions, which don’t burden the server with unnecessary informations.

Our PHP-based internet- and intranet-applications have a broad range of functionality correlated to a minor development time.

Why is PHP-Developmemt so important for yor company?

Our PHP-applications, written especially for your company, include everything from a small module, contact sheet, online shops to programming and redeveloping content management systems (just have a look at CMS Programming).

Our FramoTec-team offers you:

  • PHP-programming of your web-applications

  • Creating special modules like newsletters or digital contact sheets with linked databases

  • Developing database-applications

Moreover our team gives you a hand concerning the planning of PHP-based projects, also changing or extending your existing PHP-applications.

PHP-Development leads to individually and efficiently created solutions, which stand out from the crowd regarding your company’s website.

Please rely on our recognized expertise and get into contact with FramoTec!