HTML- / CSS-Development
Your website: Developed and designed at the best possible level

HTML- / CSS-Development

Your website is the figurehead of your business in the World Wide Web. It’s the focal point which enables you to get into contact with potential customers, future employees and cooperation partners. This is the reason why you should put emphasis on an optimized functional and esthetic design of your website.

Our FramoTec programmers make use of HTML5-/CSS3-standards Our FramoTec programmers make use of HTML5-/CSS3-standards while working on your web presence. These are two programming languages which are closley linked to each other. HTML means HyperText Markup Language and is the main programming language according to websites. It’s a markup language which defines the meaning of the document components. Our FramoTec programmers use this language in combination with CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) which mainly defines the formate, for example the font, font size, and color palette of your web presence. It’s also called page description language. To put it simply: HTML describes the character of the elements, CSS defines how they look like.

Because of the ongoing development of both languages our programmers are able to create websites which are based on your personal wishes and demands. A large number of new functions makes it possible to integrate audio and video media, databases and services for mobile devices. We work with the new HTML5-standards in order to realize these functions and demands. Our focus is on the programming of dynamic and interactive websites. The interactive use of your website can be realized by advanced features – for example application forms for making appointments with your company.

Thanks to our many years of know-how concerning HTML- and CSS-development we are able to program new websites, relaunch old web presences and create special modules which fulfil the necessary requirements of your business.

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