Software Modernization
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Software Modernization

It’s a well-known phenomenon: Software which isn’t up to date shows a loss of quality and user-friendliness. Because of the ongoing develpoment of your company networks are extended, modern software is installed and a huge amount of data has to be stored. Sometimes a point has been reached when the software slows down and becomes cumbersome, furthermore the design isn’t state of the art anymore. Suddenly there will be several system crashes and the program will send error messages.

What are the reasons for this problem?

  • Maybe the software has been developed only for a defined number of users.

  • Your software has been enlarged in the meantime.

  • The operating system has been updated or changed.

  • Modern programming languages have been used, but the program hasn’t been adapted to them.

  • In the course of time a huge amount of data has been accumulated.

  • You would like to counter this problem? Then it’s time for changes! Please get into contact with your FramoTec-team – we will be happy to update your software!

How do we solve your problem?

  • First of all our FramoTec-programmers discuss the problem in a consultation meeting examining the feasibility of the services. Furthermore the aim of the project and the scope of services are defined.

  • Secondly we analyze your software: Our programmers examine whether there are time-consuming processes, programming errors and the weakest points and vulnerabilities in programs are investigated.

  • Moreover we implement the optimization measures. Therefore it’s important to correct the errors, enhance and safeguard the program. Within this framework we optimize your software by various actions. We’ll change the program code, eliminate unnecessary elements and enhance data access.

  • Of course our FramoTec-concept includes the controlling of our services. The optimization measures are tested regarding their successful implementation.

Please contact us! You can profit of our many years of experience regarding software modernization. Let us discuss the whole matter in a consultation meeting and provide you with an optimization concept which is highly adapted to your personal whishes and requirements.