Frontend Development
The friendly face of progressive web development

Frontend Development

A modern internet presence should provide a high level of user-friendliness and optimal availability. Our FramoTec-team supports you in order to create these special features of your website.

You would like to present your company/practice with a new website in the internet or you need special modules for your internet presence? Our frontend developers can proof many years of expertise regarding this programming.

Together with you, on behalf of your company’s requirements, we will develop a future-proof concept, which enables you to realize your business goals.

The results of the frontend development are close to the users, whereby he interacts with them. On the contrary the backend programming sticks to the system and works in the background.

On the one hand our frontend development takes the users’ requirements into account, on the other hand it considers the demands of the search engines. The search engine suitability of the programming is of course part of the company’s quality standards. Moreover the frontend compatibility with different browsers is assured.

There’s no doubt about working with modern HTML, CSS and other programming languages. Therefore first drafts and individual concepts can be properly performed. Our FramoTec-programmers always work with the latest version of the programming languages (at present HTML5 and CSS 3). They offer smooth processing whith which you can achieve a close linkage between design and content management.

Furthermore frontend develpoment is also important for programming the responsive design. That’s the way how your internet presence is convincing not only to yourself, but also to your customers/patients while using mobile devices.

Have we aroused your interest yet? Our programmers will be happy to answer your questions.