Unique Content
first-class and search engine optimized

Unique Content

You want a high visibility and traceability of your website in the result listings of the search engines? That’s no problem! Our FramoTec-team offers you a unique, first-class, interesting, user-friendly and search engine optimized content which makes a user’s heart skip a beat and supplies the search robots with high-quality content.

Content Marketing Strategy

First of all we give you a detailed overview of our content marketing strategy which provides you with well-defined keywords and the latest informations for your customers/your patients.

How do we approach to the content marketing strategy?

  • We analyze together which group of customers or patients you want to get interested in your web presence.

  • We define appropriate keywords which are used by the community to find your website.

  • Our FramoTec-team provides you with user-friendly content which is based on the latest Google algorithms.

  • The content is always based on the latest information, addresses the user personally, supplies anybody with high value-added content, is well-structured, brief an easy, includes the defined keywords and is smoothly readable. Keyword stuffing is absolutely no go!

  • Thanks to the high qualification of our authors we can provide you with sophisticated texts dealing with a wide range of topics.

  • Actuality of the content is always taken into account.

  • Linkbuilding: either internal or via creating backlinks (by social media) is of course part of our work.

  • Graphics or videos can be used as eyecatchers. Furthermore they are part of the search engine optimization.

  • Our programmers define metatags, descriptions and titles which correlate to the content and are read by the search crawlers/robots.

Implementation to our web concept

  • Content is an important part of your web presence which is implemented to the basic concept according to your personal wishes and requests.

  • Your website will be set up user-friendly so that your customers/patients will find the information they are looking for quickly and easily.

  • Moreover we offer an individual design of your web presence which fits in the corporate identity of your company/your praxis.

  • Our content management system enables you after being given an advice by our programmers to implement content by yourself. But of course we can handle this for you.

What is your benefit?

  • Our search engine optimized content either provides your established customers/patients or the future ones with current information.

  • This is the way we create traffic and enhance the time spent on your website.

  • In the long run this increases sales revenues or enhances the number of patients.

  • Thanks to the target-group- oriented content your customers/patients are drawn in by the interesting information on your website.

  • The target of the search engine marketing is increasing the ranking of your web presence so that your offers/your therapies are taken note of by as many interested parties as possible.