Professional Maintenance of your Website
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Professional Maintenance of your Website

The professional maintenance of your website is a guarantee for long-term success. Our FramoTec-team takes care of keeping your website up to date and presenting new and interesting content to your customers. The amount of time users spend on your website depends on how the content can be found (quickly and easily) and if it’s interesting and informative.

On the basis of the content management system documents and images can be either easily implemented or deleted. You can send us your material and we will add it to your content. The professional maintenance of websites involves both dynamic and static websites. Our user-friendly content management system even makes it possible to update your content on your own. If there are any questions: Just contact us!

You know it very well: The digital world is fast-moving. Software and programming languages quickly become out-of- date. Don’t worry about that! Our FramoTec-programmers always offer you the newest updates of the content management system, the software and the programming languages. Our main attention being paid to closing security gaps.

Why is it so important to keep your website up-to- date? Just have a look at your customer’s situation: A well structured onlineshop with product descriptions and attractive images doesn’ t make any sense if your customer can’t use it properly and quickly leaves the website.

You can rely on FramoTec! We are able to solve these problems easily.

Our well-trained programmers update your website with regard to:

  • Onpage- and offpage-optimization

  • Warranty of barrier-free access to your website

  • Enhancement of traffic

  • Analysis of customers’ habits

It doesn’t matter if it’s a single maintenance or a long-term support: Due to our expertise and know-how we are able to keep your projects (websites, onlineshops ...) up-to- date.

Please get into contact with FramoTec! Our team will be happy to answer your questions and will inform you about your possibilities.